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Bird Watching Tour

Bird watching in Bhutan: Bird watching in Bhutan is your lifetime ticket to the theater of nature. Bird watching is all about wild birds, the sport of birding, equipment and birding guides. It’s for everyone who’s interested in bird watching and enjoys nature.
Although Bhutan is only about 100 miles wide by 200 miles long, it is home for about 770 species of birds including many globally threatened species. Bhutan is dream land for those who enjoy nature and birding. The rich biodiversity is mainly due to its moist climate, wide altitude ranging (from 195m in the south to over 7000m in the north), low population density, vast forest cover, and the government’s strict conservation policy.Unlike many part of Asia, one is not obliged to seek out a park or reserve or remnant patch of ‘good looking’ habitat, since at any stop even in the midst of farmland, exciting birds are visible.

The mixed broadleaf forests are much richer and more exciting for birding rather than slow growing monotypic stands of blue pine and particularly chir pine. Our bird expert consultants will help you to designing your custom made itinerary and advise you the kind of birds you will be seeing in particular areas. We want you to enjoy the nature, respect the native culture and locals and enjoy as many varieties of bird as you can see. Why to wait for other’s feedback? Contact us 24 x 7.