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Gross National Happiness

Bhutan is ranked as the 13th most peaceful country in the world as per the Global Peace Index (GPI) 2016 out of a total of 163 countries.India however, is ranked 143rd as per the GPI.
As per this report, “Bhutan has succeeded in establishing a longstanding internal peace and its transition from monarchy to a full-fledged democracy, although recent, has been remarkable,”.

Gross National Happiness
Some people are so sad even after having so much of money. It’s clearly defined that money is not always a solution to every problems.
Economists over the world have argued that the key to happiness is obtaining and enjoying material development.
Bhutan however, adheres to a very different belief and advocates that amassing material wealth does not necessarily lead to happiness.it was a philosophy initiated by our former 4th king.
Bhutan is now trying to measure progress not by the popular idea of Gross Domestic Product but by through Gross National Happiness. The fourth king emphasized that for Bhutan “Gross National Happiness,” is more important than “Gross National Product..