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Meditation and Retreat Tour

Bhutan Meditation and retreat Tour or Bhutan pilgrimage tour will give you an idea about the stronghold of Vajrayana Buddhism, meditation and retreats is a common feature especially amongst the Buddhist practitioners and the monks. One can come across small retreat centers and hermitages all over the country next to temples, monasteries and monastic schools. These retreat and meditation centers provide the Bhutanese with the much needed respite from the humdrums of normal life style and it is a common trait amongst the Buddhists to disappear into the mountains for days, weeks and months. The retreats provide people and the practitioners to draw upon their inner self and visualize upon the purpose of life.
Many guest from all over the world and other Buddhist countries come to Bhutan for meditation and retreat tours. Some itinerary includes serious meditation for days while some are solitary retreat for few hours in the high hills and temples where nature surrounds and silence is unbroken. Our tour can include the meditation in your itinerary if you want to try this Bhutanese way of retreat (solitary confinement). Besides, we also have hotels that provide yoga sessions, retreats and meditation facilities within the hotel premises.

Sample Itinerary

Day 01: Arrive Paro by Druk-Air
Day 02: Paro valley cultural sightseeing
Day 03: Paro – Paro
Day 04: Thimphu cultural sightseeing
Day 05: Punakha/Wangdi
Day 06: Morning drive to Paro via Thimphu
Day 07: Departure from Paro airport

This itinerary is designed to give you a flavor of what is possible.
-We can tailor this trip to suit your specific requirements

-Any aspect of the itinerary can be altered, from excursions to accommodation