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Why choose us

We the Bhutan 4 friends tour & travel agent is the agent which always think about the client’s comfort not the profit.  If you choose to travel with Bhutan 4 friends we promise that we will make your holiday wonderful and memorial which you can’t forget in your life time and we will provide best of the best hotel to stay and best of the best food of Bhutan than their will be a experience guide and driver to take around the places.

We the Bhutan 4 friends tours & travels will be doing very unique sightseen compare to others like doing night sightseen to see the beautiful place at night. we also give an opportunity to go around the village to deal with the villager so you can understand the life of Bhutanese in rural area and you can also visit the houses of the people of rural area .The name of the agent itself will bring harmony  and peace in your life as 4 friends is a story about the ‘’4 Harmonious friends’’  it’s a story of  how they  worked together to bring the result of the plant  that was planted by four of them the bird, the rabbit, the monkey  and the elephant.

By working together and using their individual talents, the 4 friends are able to bring the good result of the seed and they enjoyed the fruits of the seed. So if you choose Bhutan 4 friends tours & travel as your travel agent you will have harmony and peace through out your holiday as well as in your life. So choose Bhutan 4 friends tour & travel agent to make your holiday memorial and comfortable.